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I specialise in functional applications, in particular, using the internet for business applications like remote invoice entry, search and archive, tracking and reservation systems. My preferred tools are HTML, PHP and MySQL. With a depth of applications experience and a combination of accounting and computer programming skills, I'm ready for any assignment. I've completed large and small projects in the UK, Italy, South Africa, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand. I have tertiary qualifications in computer programming and project management and I'm a certified internal auditor.
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Remote Invoice Entry System
Accessibility Plus - Sales Ledger and Invoicing System. A successful media corporation uses the application to gather and process invoices from their Sales representatives around the country. Sales reps can enter their invoices anytime, from any location. They have access to appropriate sales reports. Each sales rep's data is protected from other reps, but available to administrators.
For marketing, there are quick customer enquiry screens and database search for the contact details of existing and prospective customers. For administrators, there are all the normal sales ledger functions plus sales rep's commission accounting.
Universal Service Request and Tracking System
The Asset Management System provides web-based tracking for document services and office re-location companies. This internet application with barcode functionality helps businesses manage their assets, property, documents and inventory. Using the 'Software as a Service' approach, the application allows multiple clients access to their own records only, with the admin user having universal access and able to authorise access at the client and end-user levels. There is a categorised index and a barcode search option. To cope with overwhelming amounts of data, further search and filter options are provided. Items may be selected to show the full details, or to make multiple updates (like photos), or to send to the Service Request form.
Pataka - Archive Application
This multi-media archive application stores Word documents, sound files, images, video clips, PDF documents and plain text.
User access is differentiated according to access rights (administrators, depositors, intranet users, registered users, public internet). The application has 15 functional pages and 19 informational pages and uses the MySql database. Sophisticated browse and search options are available leading to more detailed views, external internet sites and (where appropriate) the ability to display, play, create or update archived items. Content management is available to administrators over the internet to update pages.
Meetings and Minutes System
This application is used by board members and trustees of a significant organisation to communicate over the internet regarding agendas, meetings and minutes.
Board members and trustees can schedule meetings, invite participants, review and set agenda items. During the meeting, minutes (with action designations and dates) may be recorded and printed for review. After the meeting, the minutes (or selected portions of them) may be circulated by email or printed for distribution.
While composing the minutes, typing effort is reduced as a readily available selection of stock phrases and the names of attendees is available for easy insertion.
Patterns DB Access
This application is used by research scientists to load protein patterns into a database and to selectively retrieve data and display diagrams of the matching patterns.
The application comprises a MySql database with a PHP driven user interface. Update functions allow the user to review and confirm the data being loaded. Retrieval functions consist of user SQL submissions and a graphical diagram which plots the correspondences of user selected Patterns and Domains.
Data storage is primarily on the MySql database. There are ten tables for user data and one for access control. Temporary work files (outside of MySql) are used for uploading the data to the server, processing this data and listing exceptions.
NZ Local Community Noticeboard
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